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    We Will Help You Draft A Will

    For over 60 years, the Griffith Law Firm in Duncanville has committed to helping our clients transfer their property and assets to the people they love. A will expresses how to distribute assets, lists beneficiaries and indicates guardians of minors. You may be well into retirement, in a second marriage with a blended family or just starting to have children.

    Whatever your stage of life, we can help draft a will that's right for you and your loved ones. Give yourself peace of mind with a legal document that handles and distributes your finances as you desire.

    We can prepare any type of will, including:

    • Simple wills — Typically for smaller-sized estates.
    • Complex wills — A specific will that includes tax planning and handles special circumstances.
    • Ethical wills — A formal document noting family history.

    We also handle:

    • Trusts, living trusts and special needs trusts
    • Durable powers of attorney and advance health care directives or living wills

    With offices in Duncanville, Murchison and Dallas, we help seniors and families plan for the future. Our Texas attorneys are extensively experienced and will offer sound legal representation for a last will and testament. Let us review your circumstances and offer options for distributing your assets after you are gone.

    Convenient, All-In-One Will Package

    We make it easy for you. Our all-in-one will package includes five main documents that detail how your assets should be distributed upon death and your health care preferences should you become incapacitated. These documents can also help ensure your children have no strife upon your passing.

    Our five all-in-one will package may include these documents:

    1. Last will and testament
    2. Statutory durable power of attorney
    3. Health care directive
    4. Additional power of attorney
    5. Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA) authorization

    We know the importance of family. Start planning for yourself and your loved ones today with this all-in-one solution that ensures important legal documents are in place.

    Asset Distribution In Texas: Ensure Your Wishes Are Honored

    If you don't have a will, the state of Texas uses its own process for disbursing assets. Don't leave the profit of your life's work to chance. A well-crafted will determines beneficiaries and may name an executor to settle your estate.

    Our Texas lawyers can help you document personal property distribution in a complete and thorough will, an advance directive, directives to physicians and family or surrogates and all crucial information in a complete estate plan. Be prepared with a properly drafted last will and testament that protects your family's future and other documents that may ease the way for your family in case of your incapacitation.

    Learn Why Everyone Needs A Will — Schedule Your Free Consultation

    Discover more benefits of having a will in a free, half-hour initial consultation. Call and talk to attorney Savanna or Thomas at 972-591-1808 or contact the firm online with your name and info. We respond promptly to every inquiry, and every discussion is completely confidential.

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