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    Implementing Thoughtful Medicaid Planning Strategies

    Planning ahead for Medicaid can help you keep more of what you own. At the Griffith Law Firm with offices in Duncanville and Dallas, we are committed to listening to your needs and providing guidance. We have vast experience and are up-to-date on Medicaid planning, policies and current laws. Our focus is to protect your assets and keep them in the family.

    There are options that can help shelter your assets without disqualifying you for Medicaid, even if you are living in or moving to a nursing home. We can assist you and your family in choosing the right assisted living facility or qualifying nursing care, creating a long-term care plan or establishing a third-party trust to maintain Medicaid and SSI eligibility.

    Some of the elder law cases we handle that involve Medicaid are:

    • A lady bird deed — Persons eligible for Medicaid can grant a home to heirs, but retain the right to live there until death or the need for long-term care.
    • Long-term care — We can help you select a long-term care plan and find a nursing home or assisted living facility that's your best fit.
    • Special needs trusts — Let us help you explore your options.

    Benefits Of A Lady Bird Deed

    If you or your elderly or disabled loved one will need Medicaid to help pay for nursing home costs, a "lady bird" deed may be a good choice. Upon death, the state of Texas can recover as much Medicaid benefits as possible, no matter what your will says, through liens against savings and residential property. It doesn't seem fair and it isn't. An enhanced life estate deed or "lady bird" deed, allows property owners to keep that property out of probate at death yet keep control of the property while alive.

    Avoid having your house reclaimed from heirs with this special deed. Discuss it with one of our elder law attorneys in Duncanville, Murchison or Dallas today. We will offer solutions to your Medicaid challenges, just as we've helped clients solve problems for over 60 years.

    Minimize Penalties, Maximize Savings

    We know the law and the latest Medicaid eligibility policies and would be happy to help protect you and your assets. We are Medicaid estate recovery planning attorneys here to watch out for your Medicaid eligibility.

    Before You Apply For Medicaid, Get A Free Legal Consultation

    Our skilled lawyers serving clients throughout our region in TX are happy to help with estate planning concerns involving Medicaid, assets, property distribution and more. Call us today to set up a free initial consultation at 972-591-1808 or contact the firm online with your name and info. We pledge to respond promptly.

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